Poor drainage is the number one preventable and reversible cause of foundation movement. The majority of homes in our area are constructed on and in clay during the summer and fall when soils are normally dry and compacted. When rains come the moisture is wicked up under areas of the foundation over time, causing the soil to expand and the foundation to deflect. When the foundation deflects, the house reacts and signs of foundation movement can begin to appear. This scenario can happen rapidly or over a period of time.

The water is absorbed in the soil, and the clay soil will expand, likely lifting areas of the slab, causing cracks in walls and problems with the windows and doors not closing or opening properly. With swelling soils, the signs of distress are the same as with settlement. However, upheaval is the result of a portion of a foundation being lifted. When settlement occurs, the low area may need to be lifted. Once the elevation desired has been reached, our soil stabilizing solutions in partnership with StableSoil can lock it there permanently.

The biggest factor in maintenance and new development projects is the cost of labor to repair failing foundations. By eliminating the swell potential of clay particles, soil stabilization will keep your foundation from heaving GUARANTEED regardless of periods of extreme drought or water saturation and is backed by a 10-year warranty.

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