If your door doesn’t seem to fit in the frame, or cracks appear on your walls and ceiling, this is your house telling you that something is wrong with your foundation.

Most homeowners tend to ignore these slight inconveniences and decide to put off getting their foundation repaired to save money. However, putting off vital foundation work can cost you more over time and lead to even more damage to your home’s structure.

At Integrated Concrete Services, we’ve been providing quality foundation repair in Waco, Texas for more than 40 years. Get fast, quality, and reliable structural, stabilizing, concrete, and foundation work. We can help you fix foundation cracks, leaks, foundation stability, house leveling, and related structural problems.

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Our dual pier and beam system is the best choice for a lasting foundation repair in Waco, Texas. At Integrated Concrete Services, we always use a dual pier system backed by a lifetime warranty.


Our Earthlok Soil Stabilizer will keep your Waco home’s foundation from heaving guaranteed, regardless of periods of extreme drought or water saturation. Ask about our warranties.


Today there is a much better way to deal with the movement, cracking, and settling of concrete: Raise It! Raising to repair concrete saves you money while keeping concrete and steel out of our landfills.


ICS will install the proper drainage system around your foundation in Waco to ensure water drains away from your foundation. If you’re concerned about water drainage, call us today for a free consultation and estimate.


Want to turn your old concrete patio into something new and exciting? We at Integrated Concrete Services will pour new concrete over the old, replacing your old patio with your own new custom design. Concrete overlays, stained concrete and more!

Integrated Concrete Services is your experienced Waco, TX foundation repair company. We provide homeowners with  residential foundation repair services. Get the right warranted, proven solutions to fix and secure your home’s foundation in Central Texas.


Foundation Problems:

  • Hot dry wind and intense heat causing soil shrinkage, shifting, settling, or cracks beneath the foundation.
  • Evaporation of plant leaves (transpiration) causing the soil to shrink beneath a home.
  • Plumbing leaks can often cause foundation problems such as unwanted shifting.
  • Improper drainage is a leading cause of foundation failure and uneven support.
  • Inferior foundation construction and materials causing slab movement and a weak foundation.
  • Inferior ground preparation such as improperly compacted soil below a home.
  • Poor soil conditions expanding or contracting to contribute to foundation failure.

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Home Foundation Repair

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“Jerry showed up personally and saved us from making a bad decision on a house that would have cost us thousands.”

Josh Adams

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Kae Embry Keith

“They were able to take an ugly 1970 concrete patio that was huge, and with their process, they were able to make it look and feel like brick pavers and completely change the exterior of the house. We actually go out on the patio and enjoy it. It looks amazing. incredible transformation.”

Polly X.

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