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If you notice that your door doesn’t seem to fit in the frame, cracks appear on your walls and ceiling; this is your house telling you that something is wrong with the foundation. Most homeowners tend to ignore these slight inconveniences and decide to put off getting their foundation repaired to save money; however, putting off necessary work can cost more and lead to more damage to your home’s structure.

Taking Foundation Repair to the Next Level

Foundation problems happen for a variety of reasons. Poor construction, soil problems, weight-related pressure problems or age.  At Integrated Concrete Services, our team of certified foundation repair experts are here to help. We have the training, experience, and warranted products you need to solve your problem. Before a foundation is repaired, you need an expert to determine why the foundation failed in the first place. The experienced team at Integrated Concrete Services conducts a thorough inspection of your home and soil.  If the soil or water is a factor that is addressed first,  then a plan is drawn out showing the exact steps to be taken to stabilize your foundation and restore value to your greatest investment.

Integrated Concrete Services brings warranted, proven quality straight to your door. If you'd like to meet with one of our experts for a home inspection, consultation, and written foundation repair quote in Waco and the surrounding areas. Contact us today, quotes are completely free with no obligation.

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is the best choice for a lasting repair. Many homes are repaired using single pier systems where the weight is shared on single fork style piers underneath the home. Over time the pier may slip and if one pier is compromised  then the entire system will fail.

Integrated Concrete Services always uses a dual pier system backed by a lifetime warranty. Instead of a single pier supporting the foundation, you have two piers side by side sharing the load. So, let us restore the integrity of your home’s foundation and the foundation of your largest investment.



Not all foundation companies have the necessary experience to deal with Older homes built on Pier and Beam construction.  Integrated Concrete Services has been in the business of foundation repair for 20 years and we have successfully repaired, rebalanced and stabilized many  of these.

Central Texas soil contains clay. Clay soils, commonly called shrink-swell soils, are frequently moving due to extreme dry or moist conditions. This constant motion of expanding and contracting creates major foundation issues.

The soil swells moving the home's foundation so much that it often breaks the foundation, then when the soil dries it then shrinks and retracts and the foundation settles into a void. The financial loss to homeowners because of foundation damage is worse than tornadoes. Tornadoes come and go, but clay soil is always there and always reacting to changing moist and dry conditions.

To protect your home ICS offers soil stabilization. Our soil stabilizing experts will inject the chemical compound into your soil to prevent further shifting around the foundation which will prevent cracks and weakening of your foundation. With an eco-friendly stabilizer called Earthlok, ICS can prevent further soil shifting in a fraction of the time of other competitors. This procedure can be used for a variety of situations from parking lots to backyard pools without damaging the soil or having to uproot the foundation. All it takes is a few injections into the ground, and your foundation will be secure and backed by a lifetime warranty.


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Why Soil needs to be Stabilized


Foam Jacking


When faced with the problem of a driveway settling unevenly or sidewalk cracking and sloping, there are very few options. Most of these options are often expensive and unreliable. The development of polyurethane foam for slab jacking applications has provided property owners with a cost-effective and lasting choice to raise and sustain their foundations and slabs.


Foam Jacking is an easier way to help support concrete. Polyurethane foam is pumped into a void beneath the slab.  Foam has a high strength to weight ratio and an outstanding dimensional stability profile. It sets up faster in the void space, resulting in shorter project times, and less inconvenience for the property owner.


Polyurethane foam works to stabilize the soil underneath the foundation or slab, and because of its expansion rate and density, it lifts the foundation and slab back to proper level alignment. Effective to 1/8 of an inch, foam allows a trained applicator the ability to lift, repair and restore the damaged slab or foundation.

Learn about the difference between Mud-Jacking and Foam Jacking


Drainage Solutions


Poor drainage around a home causes water pooling. Water will seep into the concrete and over time breaks down the concrete in your foundation. During winter times when the temperature drops low enough to freeze water, it causes expansion and makes the home swell which can cause cracks in the walls and ceiling. Let our men install underground drainage pipes to remove the water and prevent future pooling problems, especially during the rainy months of spring. Add language about swelling.


Concrete Stamping and Overlay


ICS began working with concrete overlay and stamped concrete to conceal patches made during the foundation repair. Customers were so please they began to ask for patio make overs resurfacing driveways. The possibilities are endless, sidewalks and pool decks can permanently decorated to give you home that added curb appeal.

With a variety of patterns and colors our concrete specialists can help you make your vision come true. To begin the process of stamping concrete, the customer selects a style of natural stone, wood or geometric patterns.  You can even put your Ranch Brand or company logo in the design.  Finally select your color and the new stylized concrete looks better than new, it's unique.

Want to turn your old stained concrete patio into something new and exciting? With the friendly services of ICS, you can stamp your concrete into something fresh. Using a technique called float, ICS will pour new concrete over the old and your old patio is gone, replaced by your own custom design.  OVERLAY existing concrete


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