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Not all foundation companies have the necessary experience to deal with Older homes built on Pier and Beam construction.  Integrated Concrete Services has been in the business of foundation repair for 20 years.  We often find quick "fixes" like in the images below. We have a plan to successfully repair, re-balance and stabilized your pier and beam foundation the correct way.




is the best choice for a lasting repair. Many homes are built using single pier systems where the weight is shared on single fork style piers underneath the home. Over time the pier weakens and if one pier breaks than the entire system will fail and cause what is known as a sinking home foundation.

Integrated Concrete Services always uses a dual pier system backed by a lifetime warranty. Instead of a single pier supporting the foundation, you have two piers side by side sharing the load. So, let us restore the integrity of your home’s foundation and the foundation of your largest investment.

Dual Pier System

Single Pier System

2 Piers are always better than 1!

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