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Drainage Solutions

Poor drainage can lead to slab foundation problems. Movement, cracks and serious crawl space issues like rot and mold. It’s important to have an experienced drainage contractor like ICS evaluate your foundation drainage situation.

 Protect your slab or pier and beam foundation by following these simple tips. 1.  When it rains it pours in Texas.  To prevent water ponding around your foundation make sure your yard slopes away from your home.2.  Have gutters and downspouts installed around your house or commercial property. By draining water away from your foundation,  you can prevent costly foundation trouble and the need for foundation repair later on.3.  Install a French drain around your foundation. A sump pump is highly effective in crawl spaces. Surface drains can be used to remove lots of yard water fast. 

There are many ways of avoiding foundation drainage problems in Central Texas. Keep slab foundations and pier and beam structure in well-drained soil. Chronic moisture in the crawl space of a pier and beam foundation cause the beams to rot and creates a fertile environment for mold. Moisture staying in the soil beneath your foundation can make it move and swell causing foundations to crack and destroys pier and beam structures.

(See Soil Stabilization)

Water accumulation around your foundation can be prevented. ICS will install the proper system around your foundation to ensure water drains away from your foundation. If you’re concerned about water drainage call us today and let us give you a free consultation and estimate.




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